Brand Naming & Equipment

A strong brand name helps your company or product stand out in today’s clustered media environment. EpicRic helps define a start-up kit: the statement, mission, vision and values.

Brand Image, Identity & Design

Creating an identity that resonate with customers, inspire internal team members and align with the business objectives to drive growth.

Brand Analysis

Diagnosis of the current status of a brand in order to streamline strengths and weaknesses pertinent to predefined strategies and business objectives.

Brand Research

Analytical summary of market research already carried out by the customer and the development of specific, qualitative brand research.

Brand Target

Profiling the target client & their emotional needs.

Brand Audit

Engaging shareholders and internal stakeholders of an organization concerning the role of the brand in the capitalization of the company's value.


Innovation Strategy

This involves clarifying overall business goals, defining the financial growth gap and identifying potential growth levers to address through innovation.

Strategic Opportunity Areas

EpicRich provides additional focus and direction by pinpointing specific growth areas, including new products, new services, etc. We focus innovation on high potential areas.

Value Proposition

Value proposition development articulates the key benefits to be delivered by a company or product, often extending beyond the core product or service and optimizing the value to be delivered.

New Products & Services

Developing and Managing new products and services involves balancing new product strategy formation, customer needs assessment, creative concept development and marketplace execution.

Innovation Workshop

Our innovation workshops bring focus and commitment to growth and innovation. EpicRich will train your team in a collaborative innovation experience with real-time application.

Innovation Process & Enablers

Innovation process development encompasses developing a sustainable innovation process, including process design, roles, responsibilities. EpicRich promoteds best practices.


EpicRIch helps clients develop social media strategies that combine analytics, content, influence and advocacy. We create compelling narratives while delivering social media experiences that turn customers, employees and partners into allies and advocates. Our digital and social media experts provide customized solutions that enable clients to identify and engage key stakeholders through the most opportune and powerful paid and non-paid digital channels.

Specific client services include:

Digital and social media strategy development
Governance structures and compliance protocols
Influencer identification and engagement
Personal reputation audits
Community development, management and engagement
Data and insights analysis
Social advertising
Reputational and crisis management, including crisis simulations
Digital training and coaching programs
EpicRic offers objective, practical and results-driven advice—that includes one-on-one coaching when you’re running a smaller business. Our solutions are designed to equip you with the knowledge, know-how and tools to manage every function of your business with confidence.